By: Brian Evans

Over the past eight years, the American people have become increasingly frustrated with Washington D.C.. Democrats have stifled and damaged our insurance and healthcare systems, energy industries like oil, coal, natural gas, and every other American energy sector. They have placed illegal immigrants over Americans needs, foreign countries pursuits over American interests, socialism over capitalism, federal lands over private land ownership, government jobs over private jobs,  and taxation over representation. They have pushed for, and taken government control over our communications, transportation, factories like GM, and the agricultural industry causing small time farmers to be crushed and lose their farms. To make matters worse, they have taken over the educational sector at all levels. They are creating a generation of graduates who need safe places if anyone even tries to debate their socialized ideals. They have created a future generation who resolves conflicts with violence and hate. Ultimately, they have created a generation of subservient’s who bow down to the socialist and communist ideals that have been tried and tested by Lenin and Mao. Democrats have pitted whites against blacks, rich against the poor, women against men, muslims against christians, and legal immigrants against illegal aliens. They believe that pitting divisions between Americans helps them to control the narrative; however, that narrative took a hit when Donald Trump ran for President.

That leads us to the Republican Party. When Donald J Trump rode the escalator down Trump tower, most Republicans and Democrats didn’t give him much attention. He was an outsider who wasn’t a polished elitist insider, and both the Republicans and Democrats knew that virtually nobody in Washington DC supported him. In the end, the unpolished Washington DC outsider ended up becoming the very anomaly that would break the mold. He was propelled by the American people to the White House to the astonishment of the DC swamp elitists for the very same reasons that they thought he didn’t stand a chance. He was an unpolished outsider who didn’t believe in being politically correct. They believed that his refusal to bow down to pressures by Democrats, Republicans, mainstream media, and the like would be his undoing. But in the end, the American people had become sick and tired of the politically correct bureaucrats who were scared of their own shadow, and betrayed the agenda that the American people sent them there for. Donald Trump proved to be a fighter. He fights to make our country safer! He fights to fix our broken healthcare system! He fights to put our economy back to prosperity by invoking capitalism! He fights for the American worker! He fights to restore taxes to historically low levels! He fights to give American’s energy independence! He fights to restore education to state control! In a nutshell, he fights for the American people!

Despite President Trump pushing his goals forward, he has been slowed by Democrats, mainstream media, and one-world socialist government elitists. But, in the end he should still be able to push his agenda forward since the Republicans have control of both the House and the Senate. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has its own problems. It is plagued by Progressives that have showboated as supposed moderate Republicans. Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, John McCain, Paul Ryan, and a number of other Republicans have ridden the line to make it look like they were pushing conservative values, but after a short time, they caved and voted with the Democrats on progressive issues. One example was when they voted numerous times to repeal Obamacare and made sure that the media covered it well. They pushed it through knowing full well that President Obama would veto it. Now that they have control of all the White House, they are pushing to keep Obamacare, and blame the actual Conservatives for the failure. The Republican Elitist Rinos have pushed the progressive-socialist agenda forward on healthcare, economy, education, gun control, abortion, environment, energy, and every other sector of our countries infrastructure. According to Conservative Review, a detailed list of Progressive-Elitist Republican Rinos includes the following:

Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), Senator John McCain (AZ), Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK), Senator Lyndsey Graham (SC), Senator Thad Cochran (MS), Senator Mitch McConnel (KY), Senator Orrin Hatch (UT), Rep. Kevin McCArthy (CA), Senator Lamar Alexander (TN), Senator Bob Corker (TN), Senator Susan Collins, (MN), Rep.Tom Cole (OK), Senator Jeff Flake (AZ), Senator John Cornyn (TX), Rep. Peter King (NY), Rep. Mike Simpson (ID), Rep. Harold Rogers (KY), Rep. Don Young (AK), Senator Rob Portman (OH), Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), Senator Johnny Isakson (GA), Senator Richard Burr (NC), Rep. Charlie Dent (PA), Rep. Susan Brooks (IN), and Senator Shelley Capito (WV).

In fact, the Conservative Review breaks down how they have voted on various issues, how many years they have served, and what percentage of the time they voted as a Progressive/Socialist.

In the end, President Trump can push forward on his agenda, despite the incredible ‘resistance’ he is receiving from the Progressive/Socialist Democrat Party, Mainstream Media, and Progressive/Socialist Republican Rinos. But in the end, for him to push through true reforms that return our country to a Constitutional Republic, the President needs the help of the American people. He must enlist the American voters to fight the battle for the preservation of our Constitutional Republic.  This is a war unlike any that our country has seen before. We are faced with a battle that has its lines drawn in the minds of Americans. It is a battle between a communist one world government and our Constitutional Republic. In order to take our country back, we have to fight not only the progressive socialist agenda of the Democrat Party, but we have to fight against the Mainstream Media. We have to fight against the Republican Party Rino Elitists who try to hide behind their name. This is a battle that will be fought by ‘We the People’ showing not only our support for the President, but taking out the Progressive/Socialist Rinos at the ballot box. We need to replace them with Americans who fight for the ‘We the People’s’  interests along side our commander-in-chief. This is a war that the American voter’s are the soldiers, and our voices and ballots will decide the outcome. Therefore, it will take courage, committment, and determination to ultimately take back our government from the power thirsty one-world Progressive/Socialist Elitists in Washington,  and restore that power to ‘We the People’ of these United States of America.

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