By: Brian Evans

The Democrat Party over the years has become the party that has encouraged illegal immigration, embraced homosexuality, transgendered Americans, muslim resettlement into the United States, sharia law which is incompatible with the Constitution, progressive-socialism, liberalism, gun control, abortion, redistribution of income, socialized healthcare, and unions. It has been touted as the “party of inclusion;” however, this narrative has been one that has begun to fall apart in recent months, and has proven not to be truly ‘inclusive.’

We will start by exploring the war that progressives have waged on christians and the ‘freedom of religion’. Despite the Founding Fathers establishing our country on the foundations of christian values and ‘freedom of religion’, the democrats have in recent years been declaring war on those critical founding principles that our forefathers believed to be crucial for the survival of our constitutional republic. They have attacked christians who refused to violate their religious beliefs by taking their property, businesses, and financial resources. Democrats claim that Christians are intolerant for refusing to accept homosexuality, and anti-christian values as normal and appropriate. Christianity has always been a religion of peace and forgiveness, but demanding that a christian accepts sin, violates their religious values and doctrine. Christians believe that homosexuality is wrong, but leave judgement up to God and pray that those who have been led astray will find their way back to pure christian values. Ironically, at the same time, progressive-democrats have embraced the relocation of muslims and radical muslims to the United States who believe that homosexuality is wrong and immediately punishable by death under their sharia law. They don’t believe in forgiveness, but instead believe that homosexuality is a violation of their law and gives them the right to sentence homosexuals to immediate death. It is an odd stance for democrats to embrace muslims since they defend homosexuality and homosexual lifestyles as normal and acceptable. It pits two factions of their party against each other, and it is the exact type of rational that led to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. Despite the facts, the progressive led Washington Post deleted the muslim anti-homosexual motivations for the terrorism out of their articles.

Modern democrats have also embraced progressivism, which has its roots founded in socialism. Unfortunately, socialism is always the final step towards communism. Despite the fact that our country became one of the most prosperous countries on earth due to capitalism, they find capitalism as an evil economic apparatus that enriches the few and makes the rest poor. Despite their claims, American history has led to a lower-income class that has more wealth than any other country on earth. Meanwhile, progressive democrats push forward on their socialist agenda by taking over major sectors of the economy like healthcare, tech companies like google and Facebook, retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target, mainstream media organizations like CNN, NBC, PBS, NY Times, and Washington Post, and thousands of other businesses and sectors of our economy. It has led to a revolution of sorts with new broadcast news companies like breitbart news, gateway pundit,, and numerous other news organizations to compete against a growing socialist-tipped monstrosity that has been spear-headed by the progressives and fed classified information from a ‘Deep State’ unelected government infiltrators that are fighting the opposition with every ounce of venom that they possess. Ultimately, the battle of information is on the forefront of the battle between our constitutional republic and a one-world unrealistic communist utopia.

Progressives have also put ‘women’ at the forefront of their party’s platform, but do they truly represent all women? They claim to be pro-women because they support abortion. But a growing number of women throughout the country do not believe abortion to be right or moral. As a result, the progressive led women rights movement ostracized women who oppose abortion. They ostracize them if they support christian values, support the NRA, or any other form of conservative values. Therefore, the ‘women’s rights organization’ actually is only inclusive to women with a progressive-socialist or communist ideology.

Another sector of the democrats base that has seen trouble involves the mid-west democrats. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other middle class American states have seen their party abandon them while pushing the pro-environmental groups agenda. It has left coal miners out of work, car manufacturers have fled the country leaving their workers without a job, and communities blighted. However, there is always a reason for the progressives to be pushing for a particular agenda. This time it was due to what they coined ‘global warming’. Progressive-democrats claimed that the earth’s atmosphere was warming. They said that holes had developed in our ozone layer,  polar caps were melting, and oceans were rising. Recently, that narrative was renamed as ‘climate change’ due to the fact that the earth began cooling, and various conclusions of their global warming theory were debunked. But instead of accepting the truth,  they moved on with their narrative despite actual scientific evidence proving otherwise. In reality, ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ was a concept that was designed by progressives and communists to control the world’s population, implement a one-world government, and establish socialist economy with a communist style government. 

Yes, the progressive-democrats have a mess on their hands. They have pitted muslims against christians, homosexuals against muslims, women against women, men against women, constitutional democrats against one-world progressive-democrats, whites against blacks, Hispanics against illegal-aliens, Americans against the world, President Trump against the press, and the world against President Trump. In the end, the ‘party of inclusion’ has ultimately become, the ‘party of division.’