By: Brian Evans

As the Senate fights over the best way to replace Obamacare legislation, some are questioning if there is a better way! Isn’t there a way to implement free market solutions with our government opening up competition across state lines. Healthcare Insurance was faltering for several reasons before democrats passed Obamacare legislation. First, costs were going up due to the fact that Insurance companies were not able to compete across state lines. Secondly, pre-existing conditions were not being covered, which resulted in thousands of Americans that were unable to get any health insurance policy due to a heart condition, diabetes, or other medical condition. Finally, there were those who fell in the gap between their ability to qualify for Medicaid and being able to afford a health insurance policy. Our country was struggling to find a way to fix those gaps and exceptions. That led to the next phase in our country’s healthcare insurance predicament called Obamacare.

Obamacare was passed with no Republican votes and was founded as a stepping stone to a single payer system. Over the past few years since its inception, premiums have risen higher than they did pre-obamacare. In addition, out-of-pocket costs are out of reach for most Americans. Not to mention that insurance companies have been forced to exit the Obamacare exchanges leaving hundreds of thousand uninsured. It is now imploding at astronomical proportions, and if Congress fails to act quickly, the entire system could collapse leaving virtually all Americans uninsured.

Ultimately, this leaves us back to the same question. Isn’t there a better way? And if one was to answer the question, it would be yes. It requires Congress to do the hard thing first and repeal obamacare legislation. Secondly, it would require Congress to pass legislation that would fill the gaps to cover those with pre-existing conditions, those who could not afford insurance, but don’t qualify for Medicaid, and all the while keeping taxpayer costs down. In the end, it might be simpler than many make it out to be.

First, Congress should use Medicaid to cover pre-existing conditions. The Administration can work out the details with insurers to have them cover the applicants as if they were healthy on everything but the pre-existing condition. Then, over time as the patient falls off of pre-existing condition status, they would roll over to the insurance company’s policy. By then, they would be covered as if they no longer have pre-existing conditions.

Second, the insured would pay a Medicaid premium which would be based on income. The poorest would qualify for free medicaid and as the income rises, they would pay a premium based on that income level. Not only would this allow pre-existing condition to be covered, but the low-income would be covered as well, and some of the medicaid costs would be subsidized by medicaid premiums.

Third, Congress needs to make the insurance market “true free market competition”. This means that they would make it to where insurance companies could compete across state lines (as President Trump pushed for during the election). This would drive down costs as competition increases.

Fourth, decisions on Medicaid costs would be set by the state. As a result, predominantly Democrat states would be able to implement single payer systems. Other states would be able to implement free market solutions, while still covering all constituents despite financial ability or medical situation.

Finally, Congress should make sure that it allows for alternative healthcare financing options like healthcare sharing ministries. One prime example would be Samaritan Ministries that allows for Christians to help take care of the healthcare expenses and burdens. There are a number of alternatives to health sharing groups that provide an excellent alternative to typical insurance providers.

Ultimately, if Congress would implement these healthcare options, we would finally be able to make healthcare insurance available to ALL AMERICANS! In addition, it would allow those with pre-existing conditions to get insurance, and help drive down costs and save the American taxpayer outrageous healthcare taxes. NO MANDATES, NO SINGLE PAYER, AND SMART SOLUTIONS!

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