By: Brian Evans

Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the blatant fabrications of information that is being pumped out daily by the mainstream media outlets. As can be seen in the folloing graph developed by a Harvard University study. It shows that nearly all stories published by the mainstream media outlets are blatantly biased and shine a negative light on President Donald Trump.

media bias graph

The graph doesn’t show all the mainstream media news outlets, but it does show a similar thread through all the news outlets. The mainstream media have become the mouthpiece of the Progressive-Socialist Democrat Party, and as the democrats have increasingly become frustrated with the reality that President Trump has not been so easy to take down, they have resorted to more unscrupulous methods to accomplish their goals.

The war on President Trump started long before he was even a candidate in the election. Under President Obama, the Democrats appointed and placed loyal followers throughout virtually every branch of government, military leadership, intelligence agencies, congressional positions, throughout the White House, and elsewhere in the government. Originally, they were placed there in order to implement their socialist ideals throughout the United States. For example, NOAA insiders helped to alter data so they could promote the existence of global warming and climate change. EPA insiders were placed so they could implement changes pushed by NOAA, and control the habits and lifestyles of the American people. Intelligence insiders provided cover when Democrats would break the law, or get caught in corruption scandals. Education insiders helped to promote federal control of schools and the curriculum. Judicial insiders help by interpreting laws based on ideological beliefs over constitutional principles. Election insiders help to cover up voter fraud, corruption, and Democrat voter intimidation. In addition, Democrats utilize the insiders to create false narratives that try to manipulate public opinion about what Americans should think, and who Americans should blame instead of the democrats themselves.  Everything was going smooth and it appeared that the democrats would be able to completely take over our constitutional republic. This would result in our capitalist system being slowly converted to a socialist or communist style government and economy. That was until the announcement that Donald J. Trump was going to run for President.

Elitist Republicans were the first Party to underestimate Trump, but following his primary win, the Democrats followed with the same fatal assumption. They believed he was an easy target and could handidly be taken down. After all, he was not a politician, far from politically correct, and he broke the political mold of American politicians. When the 2017 Presidential election between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J Trump was approaching, the Democrats decided that the time was right. They cued NBC to release an inflammatory tape that they had been sitting on. They were waiting until just before the election in October to crush his polling numbers, by releasing a tape of him from years before. However, an interesting thing happened. President Trump took a small hit of just a few points, and came out virtually unscathed. Then, reports that NBC had been sitting on the tape emerged. Americans began to see that it was a blatant attempt to promote Hillary Clinton, and stop Donald Trump. Democrats began to panic, and realized that they needed a bigger controversy to bring down Trump.

Within days, the democrats and mainstream media outlets began concocting one of the grandest conspiracy theories in American presidential politics. It was announced that President Trump and his staff colluded with Russia. Most Americans didn’t buy the storyline, and Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the United States. Typically, the fight for the Presidency ends there, but we live during a time in American history unlike any other. We have a political party that has been infiltrated by socialists and communists that call themselves progressives. Furthermore, President Donald J. Trump has been and continues to be a threat to the very “CHANGE” that the Progressive socialists democrats had been implementing under Obama. In addition it is now known that former President Obama’s White House and the intelligence agencies had been eavesdropping on the Trump Campaign most likely through electronic surveillance under the umbrella of foreign surveillance. To make matters worse, key Obama staff including Susan Rice gave the orders to unmask Trump team names during the Presidential election. It was a gross abuse of power by the Obama administration to spy on an opposing Party’s cantidate leading up to an election. Still, despite the illegal actions and abuses of power by the democrats and White House, they still had no incriminating information on Trump, and he continued to hold the support of the American people.

It was during this troubling time that the democrats moved onto their next phase of operations. Russia has been known to attempt to influence American elections since the Cold War, and now the Democrat Party decided to use it to their advantage. President Obama started by making intelligence sharing soft, which promoted leaks. This made it easier for his loyalist appointees to leak information that could be used to damage and bring down President Trump. Then, they used the information gathered by Obama and the intelligence surveillance to feed bits and pieces of intelligence to news agencies. It was this information that the democrats utilized to create the so-called “Russian Collussion” between the Trump Administration and Russia. It is not uncommon for Presidential Administrations to meet with russian diplomats, being Russia is one of the largest world powers. However, since the majority of the mainstream media follows the cues of the Democrat Party, a storyline was an easy thing for the democrats to create about Trump.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, the Democrat Party along with the Mainstream Media have created scandal after scandal for example:

  1. Trump Inciting Violence (Turns out it was Anti-Trump protesters attacking Trump supporters.
  2. Trump’s mistreatment of women (proven false by multiple witnesses, and once by the women that the media accused him of mistreating.
  3. Beauty pageant scandals (proven to be false)
  4. Racial Housing Discrimination (proven to be false)
  5. Mafia ties (proven to be false)
  6. Tenant intimidation (unable to be verified)
  7. Undocumented workers (unable to be verified)
  8. 2016 Trump Russia Collusion (No evidence provided)
  9. Tom Price inside stock trading (proven to be false)
  10. Conflicts of interests, and ethics violations (proven to be false)
  11. Firing of James Comey (Which Democrats, Obama appointed officials, and key leaders said was necessary due to mishandling of power.)
  12. Firing of Mike Flynn (who had his reputation smeared by the very insiders that Obama appointed, and intelligence policies Obama implemented in January 2017.

These are just a small sampling of the supposed scandals that the mainstream media has purpotrated on the President in a blatant attempt to bring him down and remove him from office. Now the media attacks his son, wife, and family. They make fun of his looks, cite unverifiable sources,  provide transcripts of conversations that are hear say, and source documents the outlets cannot authenticate, do not possess, admit are partial, and refuse to share. Now some outlets like the Washington Post are talking about targets whom they cannot name in the White House. To make matters worse, the russian hacking narrative started last fall with supposedly the russians hacking into the DNC, stealing John Podesta’s emails, and leaking them out to Wikileaks. Julian Assange denied russia’s involvement, and a hacker by the name of Kim Dotcom had reportedly intercepted communications between Wikileaks and a DNC official Seth Rich who was murdered shortly after the release of the emails to Wikileaks. Still, the mainstream media reported it as Russia meddling. Today, following a private investigators research, it is surfacing that Seth Rich was the source of the Podesta emails for Wikileaks, and instead of reporting it in the news, it is buried and covered up by the mainstream media and democrats. Even the FBI, under the leadership of James Comey, flat out refused to investigate the case. Instead, the democrats, mainstream media, and intelligence communities continue to talk of the russian meddling scandal that occurs every election cycle, and at the same time, ignore possibly one of the largest scandals in American history.

Have journalistic standards changed so much, that you can print anything about anyone whom you dislike? Where you can cover up and bury stories of truth when they play out a narrative that goes against a certain political party? Where you don’t have to name sources, provide verification of truth, or authenticity? We have moved into a time in American history where “We The People” have begun searching for truths elsewhere. Americans are tuning out the mainstream media news, and going online. We live in an age where we can find answers on the internet, gain an understanding of the bias and lies that have been fed to us through cable news networks and newspaper feeding tubes. Thankfully, American’s are finally beginning to cut the cord and think for themselves. We live in a time where me must be vigilant and prove truths to ourselves. If we don’t, our country will continue in a downward spiral and lead to a constitutional crisis. At that point, we won’t have much of a Constitutional Republic left to defend, or leave to our future generations to come.

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