By: Brian Evans

It was just over 500 days ago when on June 16, 2015, Donald J Trump descended down  his escalator at Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for President of the United States. At that moment, it is hard to imagine that he could have predicted the outcome of the Republican primary or the general election. Also, it would have been difficult for him to foresee the tremendous support that he would draw across the nation, or the bitter hate that would seep out of the radical Progressive-Socialist left. None-the-less, it was a candidacy that would stand out amongst all those that had come before. Donald Trump was able to weigh and measure his opponents, find their weaknesses, take them down, and become the next President of the United States. So, what exactly helped this non-politician real estate mogul to ascend to the Presidency, despite incredible odds stacked against him?

Donald J. Trump was an assertive, energetic child, and as a result his parents decided to have him attend the New York Military Academy starting at age 13. He thrived in the environment becoming a star student and athlete. This fervor carried on past his schooling days and into real estate development. He followed his fathers footsteps and expanded the business until he finally took it over in 1971. Throughout his early life, he developed a proven track record with his business and financial endeavors. Also, he changed party affiliations over the years from Republican to Democrat, to Independent, and back to Republican. In more recent years, he has spoken of his displeasure for the direction that the Democratic Party has taken, and with the divisions that have plagued the Republican Party. It has become obvious that Donald Trump’s ideology has shifted and that he has slowly molded into the President that we see today. He is a candidate who demonstrates strong conservative values; however, he has strong populist leanings as well. The one goal that President Trump has expressed is to bring our government back to its Constitutional principles that the Founding Fathers had established. He has become annoyed by the way that past Administrations have shipped jobs overseas, bound corporations with stifling regulations, shut down American energy sources, divided Americans based on racial politics, and stacked trade against America and in favor of foreign countries. He has become infuriated how Democrats have tried to snuff out religious liberties, basic American freedoms, and other constitutional principles. Meanwhile, the spineless Republicans campaign on stopping the Democrats attempts to shred our constitutional principles and freedoms, only to roll over with the slightest pressure from the radical left. Our country has been led to the precipice of a constitutional crisis, and desperately needed a leader who would stand up against the Progressive-Socialist Democrats, and Soros led communists that have been trying to bring down our country like a house of cards. It was a moment that many looked to as the point of no return. It would take a true leader who was strong-willed, not afraid of the constant aspersions from the Ministry of Propaganda known as our Mainstream Media, willing to stand up to the pro-one world government elitists, and political elitists in both the Democratic and Republican Party’s. Yes, it would take someone capable of standing up to constant berating from all sides, both foreign and domestic. Many questioned if such a person even existed until the rise of Donald Trump. He came from nowhere and rose into the political spotlight in 2016. He made promises of American grandeur, restoring Christian values, returning American jobs, invigorating the economy, moving towards energy independence, building the military, cleaning up government, securing the border, irradicating radical muslim extremists, and re-establishing constitutional principles. They were endeavors that would all prove to be a daunting task in a time that our country has become so infiltrated with radically left ideologues, corrupt government elitists, judicial activists, and a divided Republican Party. It would take someone like Donald Trump who stated “nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

Progressive-Socialist Democrats and their Ministry of Propaganda such as the LA Times claim that President Trump has an “authoritarian vision of the presidency,” but he has shown to be quite the contrary. First of all, former President Barack Obama proved to be more of an authoritarian type President whom bypassed the Congress and imposed regulations that crushed businesses and corporations, astronomically increased illegal immigration, put more Americans on welfare and food stamps, berated America to the world, and moved the majority of the United States economy towards socialism. Now, we have a President who has been pulling jobs back to America, undoing Obama’s executive actions that trampled our constitutional freedoms, slashed illegal immigration, instituted a ban on people from terrorist countries, nominated a constitutional justice to the Supreme Court, and implemented numerous other actions that have brought some balance back to our country. Despite the promises he made in his “Contract with America,”, President Trump has faced constant criticisms from the left, judicial activists who have blatantly violated separation of powers, Democratic Congressmen and women  who are part of the one-world government “resist” movement, and Republicans who are so divided that they cannot agree on anything. Also, President Trump has endured continual death threats from the Progressive-Socialists, and yet he still has swiftly advanced the agenda that he promised to the American people.

The Los Angeles Times wrote this about President Trump:

“his critics heard something far more menacing in them: a dangerously authoritarian vision of the presidency — one that would crop up time and again as he talked about overruling generals, disregarding international law, ordering soldiers to commit war crimes, jailing his opponent.”

Ironically, President Trump has shown himself to be just the opposite. He has bestowed a great deal of confidence and authority to his generals in the military, which is quite a distinction from the previous Obama Administration. Also, rather than disregarding international law, he has upheld and enforced it stringently. He sent a message to Syria by launching 59 missiles into their air base that fired chemical weapons on innocent women, children, and babies. He is one of the first President’s to take North Korean President Kim Jong Un to task for violating international laws by ruthlessly killing his people, launching missiles designed to destroy enemy nations, developing nuclear weapons with the intentions to use them on other countries, and the actual detonation of nuclear bombs. All of which the United Nations has deemed a violation of international law, but which the governing body has not had the desire nor willingness to enforce. Yes, President Trump may have to go it alone much of the time, but that is because most of the world these days is more concerned with bringing down the United States and instituting a one-world government. President Trump’s “America First” vision is a thorn in their side, which has brought the Progressive-Socialist Democrats, communists, and one-world government proponents to do everything in their power to try to bring him, and the United States crashing down. As far as ordering United States soldiers to commit war crimes, that would be more propaganda coming out of the Progressive-Socialist Democrats “Ministry of Propaganda” machine. And, when it comes to Trump jailing his opponnent, most American’s are upset that he hasn’t done more to prosecute Hillary Rodham Clinton for bribery, conspiracy, false statements, attempts and conspiracy to commit fraud, obstruction of justice, destruction of records in a federal investigation, disclosure of confidential information, unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material,  concealment of government records, attempting to evade or defeat a tax (use of Clinton Foundation Funds for Personal or Political Purposes), attempts to interfere with the administration of IRS laws, and the crimes she has committed in Benghazi, Libya resulting in the death of American citizens. Yes, the list could go on and on. This is one area that the American people should be upset with President Trump. He has not pursued the indictment and prosecution of a known felon and enemy of the state, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The LA Times went even further in their accusations of President Trump being an authoritarian leader. They said:

“Trump has no experience in politics; he’s never previously run for office or held a government position. So perhaps he was unaware that one of the hallmarks of the American system of government is that the president’s power to “fix” things unilaterally is constrained by an array of strong institutions — including the courts, the media, the permanent federal bureaucracy and Congress. Combined, they provide an essential defense against an imperial presidency.”

Actually, the fact that President Trump was not a politician helped to propel him into the highest office in the land. Americans are sick and tired of political elitists thinking that they know what is best for Americans, rather than implementing the promises that they made to the American people during their campaign. Political elites and their Mainstream Media propaganda machine have lost sight of one important fact. Politicians are there to serve the American people, not to rule them. President Obama had unbridled power with no checks on his power from the Judicial branch, Legislative branch, or the Mainstream Media. He violated the constitution in ways that have never been seen before.

For example, WND detailed many of his violations such as:

  1. A federal judge said his funding for Obamacare was unconstitutional.
  2. A court was told Obama’s gun-control plans “exceed the powers of the president.”
  3. National Review columnist Ilya Shapiro once pointed out Obama’s 10 top constitutional violations of 2015, including financial bailouts.
  4. His belief that “gay” trumps religion in the U.S. Constitution.
  5. His ordering of religious believers to provide abortion pills in violation of their faith.
  6. The Iran deal.
  7. Obama’s amnesty plan.
  8. His agenda to enact same-sex “marriage.”
  9. His recess appointments.
  10. His refusal to deport illegal aliens.
  11. His attempt to coerce Catholics to support birth control
  12. His mandate over private health care records.
  13. His orders that schools and public buildings open women’s restrooms to men who say they are women.
  14. His insistence that states cannot deprive abortionists of public funding.
  15. That the feds can orders states not to enforce immigration laws.
  16. That the federal government can simply change definitions of words in federal law, even though it may cost Americans.
  17. That he can decide which people will be allowed to move into certain neighborhoods.
  18. That he can decide who faces prosecution.
  19. That he can change the Constitution’s language, from “freedom of religion” to “freedom of worship.”
  20. That he can dictate speech codes
  21. That the IRS can selectively target Christians and conservatives because they disagree with Obama’s policies.

Therefore, President Obama is guilty of the very imperial Presidency that the LA Times spoke of. However, they defended Obama, and looked the other way because he held the very Progressive-Socialist ideals that they are trying to implement in the United States. They are fervently trying to undermine President Trump’s authority and agenda because he stands for everything that they are against. President Trump’s vision is to restore our Constitutional principles, freedom of religion, and put America first rather than Obama’s vision of a “one-world government.”

One of the major problems that President Trump has had to deal with, is the courts. Not because he sees the courts as an institution that is not necessary, but because they have been corrupted by Progressive-Socialist activist judges appointed by not only the Obama Administration, but other political elitist Presidents on both sides of the aisle. Presidents from the recent past have appointed Federal judges who legislate from the bench rather than interpret the constitution, and implement fair impartial rulings based on the crucial document.

Consider Trump’s feud with the courts. The LA Times was right about one thing, in that

“the courts are the last line of defense for the Constitution and the rule of law; that’s what makes them such a powerful buffer against an authoritarian leader.”

They went on to say

“the president of the United States should understand that and respect it.”

Actually, the President does not have to understand and respect any or all judges in the court system. The President’s job is to understand and respect the Constitution of the United States of America. Furthermore, the President is elected to represent the people of the United States. Those are whom he should respect. Our Founding Fathers established a checks and balance system to limit the power of the three branches, and some in our government want to limit all powers of the President, simply because he disagrees with a concept that is meant to undermine and destroy the very fabric of the Constitution itself. Secondly, judges are not elected into their position. They are appointed by Presidents and approved by Congress so that they would not be ideologically biased. Unfortunately, the Congress has become so radically socialist that it has caused a change in the very judges that they approve. Therefore, the judicial branch has become ideological in nature to such an extent that it is rampid with Progressive Socialists who legislate pro-socialism and progressive ideology from the bench. It is a problem that would take years to erase from the courts.

The LA Times didn’t stop there. They stated that

“The electoral process. Faced with certified election results showing that Hillary Clinton outpolled him by nearly 3 million votes, Trump repeated the unsubstantiated — and likely crackpot — assertion that Clinton’s supporters had duped local polling places with millions of fraudulent votes. In a democracy, the right to vote is the one check that the people themselves hold against their leaders; sowing distrust in elections is the kind of thing leaders do when they don’t want their power checked.”

The radical left has always liked to do something shady or questionable, and either point the finger at the other side of the aisle, or call anyone who questions them a crackpot conspiracy theorist. Ironically, it wasn’t President Trump who challenged the outcome of the election, but it was Hillary Clinton and the Progressive-Socialist left that challenged the outcome. In fact, they continue to question the validity of the election results while pointing the finger at President Trump, accusing him of refusing to accept the results. Despite that fact, the mouthpiece of their organization, the mainstream media propaganda machine, continues to push the illegitimate President narrative while they all point the finger at Trump and say it is actually him. They have spent their time remaking the national electorate with the help and financing of George Soros and other one-world government proponents. Democrats encourage illegal immigration, enable many of them to vote, and then claim when those illegals get caught, that it is just a few votes here or there, and those claims are unsubstantiated. They encourage illegal voting, and when anyone questions the validity of a voter who has no documentation, they declare them a racist and file charges of discrimination. Furthermore, if anyone tries to reform the voting laws by requiring identification to ensure everyone votes legally, the left declares it to be an attempt to discriminate against those who are a minority.  It is actually quite amazing how you have to have a drivers license to drive a car, but to have identification to vote is considered discrimination. More logically, it would seem that the left wants to taint the very foundation of our democracy and destroy our representative democracy.

The LA Times then said that

“after reports emerged that the Central Intelligence Agency believed Russia had tried to help Trump win, the president-elect’s transition team responded: “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” It was a snarky, dismissive, undermining response — and the administration has continued to belittle the intelligence community and question its motives since then, while also leaking stories about possibly paring and restructuring its ranks. It is bizarre to watch Trump continue to tussle publicly with this particular part of the government, whose leaders he himself has appointed, as if he were still an outsider candidate raging against the machine. It’s unnerving too, given the intelligence services’ crucial role in protecting the country against hidden risks, assisting the U.S. military and helping inform Trump’s decisions.”

It is interesting, that for years the intelligence community has been the talk of controversy, conspiracy, and corruption by the public and media. They have grown to a massive uncalculable size that makes up a large part of our government. Our Founding Fathers did not trust government for obvious reasons. They came from a Monarchy that was untrustworthy to the people. For those very reasons, should we trust one of the largest segments of our government that goes without oversight from virtually anyone. Apparently, the Director of National Intelligence oversees all the various intelligence agencies, but to expect the DNI to know what is going on in all the various wings of intelligence is obsurd. Therefore, should we trust an unmonitored, all-powerful agency that can listen in to our every conversation on the telephone, internet, through our television, or any other electronic device. Apparently not, being it has been verified that not only has our own intelligence agencies been spying on the Trump campaign and American citizens, but so has the British intelligence agencies, apparently under the request of Obama Administration officials. And despite having information that shows the corruption, the FBI and NSA is stonewalling the investigation and refusing to cooperate with both the Congressional and Senate investigations. It is a scandal that would put watergate to shame. Therefore, President Trump is right to have questioned the intelligence agencies. Furthermore, the Obama Administration has strategically placed progressive-socialists one-world government proponents throughout virtually every part of govenment. They are placed in ways that will challenge President Trump or anyone who gets in the way of their agenda.

The LA Times continued on by saying that

“Trump has blistered the mainstream media for reporting that has cast him in a poor light, saying outlets concocted narratives based on nonexistent anonymous sources. In February he said that the “fake news” media will “never represent the people,” adding ominously: “And we’re going to do something about it.” His goal seems to be to defang the media watchdog by making the public doubt any coverage that accuses Trump of blundering or abusing his power.”

Trump has blistered the mainstream media, but it is not because they simply cast him in a poor light. They have shifted from slightly-biased reporting of non Democratic cantidates, to becoming full blown propagandists and conspiracy theorists. The mainstream media has committed the largest sin that a journalist can commit. They have chosen to not only mis-represent the facts about anyone who doesn’t subscribe to a progressive-socialist agenda, but they have been repeatedly caught on an almost daily occurrence of fabricated stories. It truly isn’t about Trump defanging the media, but instead about the media bringing down a man who represents everything in which they despise. They despise the fact that he is attempting to return America to the constitutional principles that our Founding Fathers established, and that he is putting “America First” instead of embracing their “one-world government ideology.”

Then, the LA Times said

“In addition to calling for agency budgets to be chopped by up to 30%, Trump appointed a string of Cabinet secretaries who were hostile to much of their agencies’ missions and the laws they’re responsible for enforcing. He has also proposed deep cuts in federal research programs, particularly in those related to climate change. It’s easier to argue that climate change isn’t real when you’re no longer collecting the data that documents it.”

Many Americans are ecstatic that we have a President who is willing to make the necessary cuts to our bloated federal bureaucracy. The federal government has swelled to an extrordinarily massive size, and is getting out of control. It requires a tax burdun on the American people that is continually growing, yet still doesn’t cover the expenses to run such a massive bureaucracy. As a result, revenue flowing into our government this year has swelled to the largest in history, yet we still are not bringing in as much as we spend. It has resulted in over a 20 trillion dollar deficit, and such a deficit is unsubstainable. Furthermore, the radical left has been falsifying information on what they once called “global warming.” After falsifying documents and making it seem as if global warming was happening, they had to change the name to “climate change,” because the earth’s atmosphere started cooling. Why would they make up such a false narrative? Probably because it has been one of the largest drivers for fundraising that they could have possibly imagined. It funds all sorts of various left-wing causes like the “Resist Trump” movement that they fervently have embraced.

Yes, Trump is fighting years of elitist politicians who are intertwining socialist-progressive ideology throughout our government. Unlike former Presidents, Trump is taking on every ideologue who is filled with hate and anti-democratic ideals. It almost makes him seems to be super-human. He could just be our last hope in restoring balance to the forces that fight to divide us against one another. He is fighting for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic, and it is a fight that will not be an easy one to win. With the progressive-socialists controlling the Democrats, some Republicans, numerous judgeships, infiltrated throughout the executive departments, intelligence agencies, corporations, unions, lobbying groups, and interest groups, it is a task that will be a daunting and uphill battle for the President.

The LA Times said

“None of these institutions are eager to cede authority to the White House and they won’t do so without a fight. It would be unrealistic to suggest that America’s most basic democratic institutions are in imminent jeopardy. He sees himself as not merely a force for change, but as a wrecking ball.”

The LA Times is right. None of these institutions will eagerly cede authority to the White House. The mainstream media lies for a multitiude of reasons. They lie because they support the corrupt politicians that are trying to dilute and destroy our constitution. The mainstream media lies because they dream of a day when we will be divided into an elite ruling class, and the subjects who are ruled. The mainstream media lies because the truth would create a rebellion against the political elites, hollywood, and the mainstream media. They lie to cover up the reality that our country is under siege with one goal in mind. They not only want to burn the American flag, but they aim to destroy the Constitution and all that it bestows upon the American people. Yes, it will require a fight, but it is a battle that is worth fighting and must be won. President Trump is fighting for our freedom, democracy, and the very Constitution itself. We can only hope that he is not just a force for change. We need him to be our wrecking ball that destroys the hostile, malevolent element within our country. Those that wish to destroy democracy, kill our spirit of independence, wreck our faith in God, snuff out our kindred spirit, burn the flag, shred the constitution, and destroy our way of life. We need a leader who can fight for us, defend our country, protect our family, and preserve the Constitution. Fortunately, President Trump is proving to be that leader.

This is the third in a six piece series designed to rebuke and reveal the fallacies behind the Mainstream Media.

Over the next few weeks, Evans News Report will continue to explore how the LA Times and other Mainstream Media outlets have:

  1. Distorted the truth in order to propogate its own opinions and achieve its ultimate ends.
  2. Published stories with little or no supporting evidence, but meanwhile try to silence opposing views.
  3. Endangered public morals through controversial opinion based articles.
  4. Advocated for and violated the privacy of anyone who opposes their ideals,
  5. Attempted to stifle free speech in the press by advocating for the shutting down of conservative based press.
  6. Become dominated by the rich political and hollywood elites.
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