By: Brian Evans

Since the campaign for Independence for the colonies, American journalism was born with pride and grand intentions. Journalists took pride in their research and articles, but more importantly they were continually in search of truth and justice. It brought a sense of pride and respect when they could break a story that would shine a light on the just, or bring down the corrupt. However, as with any endeavor, change is inevitable. Unfortunately for America, corruption has infiltrated virtually every level of not only our government, but our Mainstream Media as well. It has been corrupted, twisted, and has become the very thing that journalists sought to bring down. In 1947, Henry Luce, who was the founder of Time, Life, and Fortune magazines commissioned a report that stated that the press wields enormous power for its own end. He was worried that the press not only wields enormous power for its own ends, but propagates its own opinions at the expense of opposing views. Sadly, he was right, but it has mushroomed into what one can only call a “Ministry of Propaganda” for the left-leaning Progressive-Socialist Democratic Party. Henry was also concerned that they would endanger public morals, invade privacy, be dominated by one socio-economic class, and interfere with the open marketplace of ideas.

Sadly, as time has progressed, the Mainstream Media has done just that and progressed  into what one can only label as a “Progressive-Socialist Propaganda Machine” for the Democratic Party. They hide the flaws and blemishes in far-left radical candidates on the Democratic Party Stage and strategically implement special operations against Republican, mainstream, and especially conservative cantidates. If the politician subscribes to a socialist ideology like most Democrats do now, or a communist one like Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, Bill de Blasio, and a number other Democratic Party members, they put you in the spotlight and rave about how patriotic and wonderful you are for the country. Yes, the Mainstream Media has morphed into what one could only call a “propaganda machine” for the rich political elites in Washington and Hollywood, who dream of a one-world government with the rich political elitists at the top, and poor working class at the bottom. It would be a one-world socialist utopia that was once envisioned by a man named Karl Marx.

The Mainstream Media has become the mouthpiece for socialist ideas, marxist ideology, and adamantly against anyone who opposes their left-wing ideals. As the Los Angeles Times wrote:

He has made himself the stooge, the mark, for every crazy blogger, political quack, racial theorist, foreign leader or nutcase peddling a story that he might repackage to his benefit as a tweet, an appointment, an executive order or a policy. He is a stranger to the concept of verification, the insistence on evidence and the standards of proof that apply in a courtroom or a medical lab — and that ought to prevail in the White House.

This is a perfect example of why the radical left has become so blatantly biased. In many cases, they could not see the truth if it was staring them in the face. They have become so conditioned to see right past the truth, now they can only see the reality that the Progressive-Socialist Democratic Party wants them to see and publicize to the world. Lies have oozed out of the Mainstream Media for many years, but over the past eight years it has increased exponentially until it has hit its peak during the 2016 Presidential election. Now, if you turn on the television, read the paper, or stroll through the internet you are bound to be inundated with aspersions of the truth. The Mainstream Media has been aiding and abedding the radicals who have begun amassing power not only in Washington, but throughout the world. Our country was founded on the principles of freedom and truth, but our Founding Fathers had enough foresight to realize that eventually truth subsides, while corruption and evil continually tries to erode away the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. That is why the Founders created three branches of government that checks the power of the other branches. Unfortunately, the Progressive-Socialists who now control the Democratic Party, now utilize the Mainstream Media as their Propaganda wing, and they have been strategically eroding away each of the branches. They have taken away history from educational classrooms, and used our colleges to indoctrinate our youth, so future generations will not question liberal ideological thought.

The LA Times goes on to state:

“The insult that Donald Trump brings to the equation is an apparent disregard for fact so profound as to suggest that he may not see much practical distinction between lies, if he believes they serve him, and the truth.”

However, Donald Trump has been one of the most straight-forward and honest political leaders that we have seen. He has laid out his vision for America; however, despite the fact that he has been following that vision, the Mainstream Media act as though the “Contract With America” was never made. Instead, they create false narratives about his broken promises, and tout continuously the “Trump/Russia collusion narrative,” that nobody can support with evidence.  It is not from a lack of effort though. Democrats and the Mainstream Media have the most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet, huge Mainstream Media insiders and networks, Democratic Party leaders, independent Soros backed radical left-wing groups like and Black Lives Matter searching earnestly for even a single shred of proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia. However, none have been found, and Russia seems to find Trump as more of a menace than friend. Meanwhile, as damning evidence continues to seep out concerning the Obama Administration’s illegal surveillance of American citizens, Democrats and the Mainstream Media cover up and shrug off the idea that the Obama Administration was involved in unscrupulous or illegal acts of espionage.

The LA Times goes on to say that:

“His approach succeeds because of his preternaturally deft grasp of his audience. Though he is neither terribly articulate nor a seasoned politician, he has a remarkable instinct for discerning which conspiracy theories in which quasi-news source, or which of his own inner musings, will turn into ratings gold. He targets the darkness, anger and insecurity that hide in each of us and harnesses them for his own purposes. If one of his lies doesn’t work — well, then he lies about that.”

They are right about one thing, and that is that President Trump has a preternaturally deft grasp of his audience. He is quick and skillful at evaluating those he is around, and using those skills to negotiate and do what Trump calls “The art of the deal”. That is one of the reasons that the American people voted him into office. Also, it is one of the reasons that he outsmarted his Republican Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, and even foreign leaders. As for the conspiracy theories, the Mainstream Media and Progressive-Socialist Democrats have proven to be masters of the conspiracy theories. They have taken the Russia/Trump conspiracy to the forefront of media trickery. Also, despite their being no evidence, they continue to try to propel the storyline to the top news story each day. Meanwhile, the so-called Trump conspiracies where President Trump claimed to be wiretapped have proven to be true. Even though Trump used the wrong terminology by stating that he was “wiretapped”, still he was surveilled, and now we are learning that his team had high level Obama Administration operatives giving the orders. Amazingly, despite this evidence that shows otherwise, the Mainstream Media buries the story, calls it “Fake News”,  and continues to push the “Trump/Russia Collusion” narrative.

The LA Times continued to use propaganda in attacking President Trump by saying:

If we harbor latent racism or if we fear terror attacks by Muslim extremists, then he elevates a rumor into a public debate: Was Barack Obama born in Kenya, and is he therefore not really president?

Interestingly enough, Trump did question President Obama’s birth certificate back in 2012, just as many Americans did since Obama refused to provide the document. However, the LA Times chose to interject speculation and tried to imply that because he questioned Obama’s birth status, that he must harbor hidden racism against Muslim extremists. It is an interesting parallel since Obama claimed to be Christian and not Muslim. It seems that any time Trump tries to enforce the border, Progressive-Socialist Democrats and the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine claims he is a racist. If he tries to protect America from Radical Muslim Terrorists, he is a racist. If he tries to protect the lives of the unborn children, he is a racist. If he tries to protect the lives of the police officers who protect American citizens, he is a racist. If he stands up for Christians rights, he is a racist. Maybe it isn’t that President Trump is a racist, but instead that Democrats and their “Ministry of Propaganda” are trying to undermine our confidence in anyone who opposes them. They are slowly dividing America against each other in such a way that will erode the very fabric of our Constitutional Republic. If that is their goal, they have been pulling off the act of a lifetime, and it has been working. That is until Donald J. Trump came into the picture. He is the fly in their ointment that they hadn’t foreseen. They saw him as an easy target, but he has proven to be quite the contrary.

The LA Times went on to state that:

If his attempt to limit the number of Muslim visitors to the U.S. degenerates into an absolute fiasco and a display of his administration’s incompetence, then he falsely asserts that terrorist attacks are underreported. (One case in point offered by the White House was the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, which in fact received intensive worldwide news coverage. The Los Angeles Times won a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the subject).

The Mainstream Media has reported on various terrorist attacks; however, they have also refused to label a number of actual terrorist attacks as “Radical Muslim Terrorist Attacks” This was in an attempt to try to appease Muslims and be “politically correct”. This has left Americans with the idea that radical Muslim terrorist attacks in the United States are much lower than they really are. It is an act of imposing Mainstream Media and Progressive-Socialist opinions as fact; thus, causing a distortion of reality. Therefore, there have been a number of under-reported or buried stories of terror attacks throughout the United States.

The Mainstream Media bemoans the fact that President Trump tweets, but many times it is the only way that he can get the truth out. One example would be when he tweeted the claim that President Obama tapped his phones. He did take a lot of heat over that tweet from the Mainstream Media, Progressive-Socialist Democrats, and even some liberal Republicans. However, it is quite ironic that nobody was willing to investigate how he was being surveilled until the night he released that tweet. It was the spark that caused our lackadaisical Congress to begin investigating not only the supposed Russia/Trump collusion, but the now apparent illegal actions taken by the Obama Administrations to spy on, unmask, and release the names of Americans to bring down the Trump Administration and anyone who tries to defend him.

The Progressive-Socialist Democratic Parties “Ministry of Propaganda” has adopted fiction for fact, and is bringing our country to the precipice of a Constitutional crisis. It is un-nerving how ingrained the radical left has become in our government, intelligence, media, schools, political parties, international organizations, and throughout the world. We are at a point that we can still pull back, if we embrace constitutional principles and reign in corruption. Unfortunately, it will not be an easy road for ourselves or our children. We have to question everything and everyone. We have to take information with a grain of salt and prove it to ourselves, with an open mind, and wisdom. Many Americans take information as fact when it comes from the Mainstream Media, but that is something that can be no more. Question everything they say! I even encourage you to question everything I say. Trust nobody, do your own research, sort out truth from fallacies, right from wrong, and hold true to your convictions, morals, and principles. Our country was founded on the idea of a limited government where “We the people” are in charge. It is our duty and responsibility to hold not only our political leaders accountable, but our media as well. 

This is the second in a six piece series designed to rebuke and reveal the fallacies behind the Mainstream Media.

Over the next few weeks, Evans News Report will continue to explore how the LA Times and other Mainstream Media outlets have:

  1. Distorted the truth in order to propagate its own opinions and achieve its ultimate ends.
  2. Published stories with little or no supporting evidence, but meanwhile try to silence opposing views.
  3. Endangered public morals through controversial opinion based articles.
  4. Advocated for and violated the privacy of anyone who opposes their ideals,
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