By: Brian Evans

The history of American political journalism dates back to the campaign for Independence by the colonies from Britain. By the 1900’s, newspapers had become sensationalized, advocated for causes, and involved muckraking. Muckraking was a term used to characterize reform advocating investigative journalism, and attacked leaders and institutions it believed were involved in corruption. As political ideology has evolved in the United States, divisions have grown wider and deeper. Liberal Mainstream Media has evolved in the same mold as the Democratic Party. The NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and PBS are blaring examples of propaganda that is dedicated to pushing a socialist and sometimes a communist agenda. In the past, they used subtle messages that they used to push their agenda, but when Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election in 2016 to President Donald J. Trump, they could no longer hide their radical socialist ideology.  They have become the “Ministry of Propaganda” wing of the Progressive-Socialist Democratic Party.

One of the most glaring examples of the “Democrat Ministry of Propaganda” machine was published on April 2, 2017 by the Los Angeles Times titled: “Our Dishonest President.” It was a six part piece that titled: “Why Trump Lies”, “Trump’s Authoritarian Vision”, “Trump’s War on Journalism”, “Conspiracy Theorist in Chief”, and “California Fights Back”. We will delve into each of the six articles over the next few weeks, and look at the truths and misleading fallacies that the propagandist wing of the Democratic Party publishes to manipulate knowledge, and create mis-conceptions within the American and worldwide public. We will also explore how the other branches of the Mainstream Media have been propagandizing what was once considered reliable news sources.

The LA Times Editorial Board started off their article with blatant bias by stating that then Presidential candidate

Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters.

This is strangely ironic, due to the fact that when President Trump was on the campaign trail, Trump supporters were attacked repeatedly by radical leftist activists who promoted violence and terror against Trump supporters. Many of these groups were, and continue to be supported with the financial backing of George Soros, a major Obama, Clinton, and Democratic Party contributor. In addition, the Los Angeles Times should look at a dictionary for the definition of Narcissism. It is defined as the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. Ironically, despite President Trump being quite wealthy, he is donating all of his salary as President to various charities starting with the National Park Service. Also, despite the fact that he could be making millions of dollars working his business, he has taken strategic measures in his businesses that costs him billions to satisfy Democrats who have been claiming that there could be a mere appearance of ethical complications and scream foul because he has been a successful business leader. Despite any measures he takes, Democrats and the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine continually claim it is never enough. Also, the LA Times claims that Trump is a

demagogue, which means a political leader who sought support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.”

He has sought support by appealing to the desires of the United States citizens, but then again, isn’t that what our political leaders are supposed to do? Most Americans get furious that they elect leaders on the word of their promises, only to be disappointed that they fail to follow through on any of them. President Trump has shown to be a man of his word. As far as rational judgement, President Trump has shown to be able to use incredibly great judgement starting with the campaign. He outsmarted the Republican’s during the primary, Democrats during general election, and has used his common sense knowledge in implementing his executive authority. The American voters cast their vote on a President based on what they promise, and he laid out his promises plainly in his “Gettysburg Address“, where he made the “Contract With America“. He made his argument for his 100 day plan, and laid out the rationale for doing so. In addition, he announced a list of nominees for the Supreme Court he would choose from, just to ensure that Americans knew exactly what they could expect from him as President of the United States. Although he has done much of what he promised in his action plan, some items have been stalled due to a solidified Progressive-Socialist Democratic Party, and Establishment Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and others who have done everything in their power to stifle President Trump’s promises to the American people.

Although President Trump has implemented his promises at a faster pace than any other President in modern history, many in government have used every method, sometimes questionable and unethical, to stall his agenda and claim him a failure. One example can be seen by an article by the Washington Post titled “Senate Democrats have the power to stop Trump. All they have to do is use it.” Meanwhile, the radically left-wing NY Times published an article calling Trump

unprepared and unsuited” for the Presidency, and that his election would be a “catastrophe.”

However, President Trump hasn’t been as easy to take down as the Mainstream Media and Progressive-Socialist Democrats had hoped. He has been very successful in undoing many of the damaging executive orders that former President Obama had implemented. He has freed up the economy from regulations that have stifled businesses, caused American companies to move overseas where regulations are lower, and ultimately cost millions upon millions of Americans their jobs. He has begun to rebuild the military; which, under the Obama Administration, has fallen behind Russia, China, and virtually every other world power. This has left our country vulnerable to attack and strategically disadvantaged. He has been preparing for infrastructure repairs, which have been decaying for years. This has resulted in unsafe bridges, roads, drinking water, and borders for American citizens. One example would be the $100 million that Obama and Trump granted through the EPA to help Flint Michigan residents regain clean, uncontaminated water. However, despite the media praising Obama for infrastructure initiatives, they have been continuously critical of all President Trumps’s infastructure spending plans.

The LA Times says that the President has taken steps to

rip families apart, foul rivers,  pollute the air, intensify climate change, weaken public education, de-insure millions of Americans, and massively transfer wealth from the poor to rich.” 

They leave out the fact that they call “ripping families apart” when our President secures the U.S. border and returns illegal aliens to their own country. They claim he foul’s the rivers, pollutes the air, and intensifies climate change, but actually left-wing radical groups have falsified studies, lied about the results, and shifted funds from protecting clean water and air to their so called “climate change initiative”, which is no more than a front that is promoting a one-world government with the elitist politicians at the top, and peons (everyone else) at the bottom begging for scraps. The left-wing radicals have already weakened public education by dumbing down the curriculum and irradicating history from schools. And, as far as transferring money from the poor to rich, the Progressive-Socialists have transferred money from the middle class to the poor, and made the rich political elitists even richer. Haven’t you wondered how Democratic and many times Republican politicians like former President Obama have entered government poor and left as millionaires. Democrats cry foul at Republican tax reform, but Democrats are only creating two classes. Political Elites and the Poor. Reagan type tax plans like the one that President Trump wants to implement creates a system that ensures a thriving middle class and shrinking poor, and hopefully a growing wealthy class.

Then, the LA Times article “Our Dishonest President”  went on to say:

Still, nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck. Like millions of other Americans, we clung to a slim hope that the new president would turn out to be all noise and bluster, or that the people around him in the White House would act as a check on his worst instincts, or that he would be sobered and transformed by the awesome responsibilities of office. Instead, seventy-some days in — and with about 1,400 to go before his term is completed — it is increasingly clear that those hopes were misplaced.

I suppose that this might seem true if you belive in socialism, or even communism. However, being that he has been fulfilling his “Contract With America” one promise at a time, most Americans would disagree. Additionally, if President Trump continues to make progress in completing more than half of his promises to the American people, he will likely be a two-term President.

The LA Times said

It is impossible to know where his presidency will lead or how much damage he will do to our nation”

 However, if they really want to know where President Trump is headed, they should look to his “Contract With America.” It lays out his framework that he has been following since the first day of his Presidency. As far as damage he will do to our nation, I believe that the radical Progressive-Socialist Democratic Party, and their “Ministry of Propaganda” have already done the damage to the Constitution, and the United States of America. It is now up to President Trump as the duly elected leader to pick of the pieces and put them back together. 

Over the next few weeks, Evans News Report will continue to explore how the LA Times and other Mainstream Media outlets have:

  1. Distorted the truth in order to propagate its own opinions and achieve its ultimate ends.
  2. Published stories with little or no supporting evidence, but meanwhile try to silence opposing views.
  3. Endangered public morals through controversial opinion based articles.
  4. Advocated for and violated the privacy of anyone who opposes their ideals,
  5. Attempted to stifle free speech in the press by advocating for the shutting down of conservative based press.
  6. Become dominated by the rich political and hollywood elites. 
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