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April 5, 2017              By: Brian Evans

In 2015, the Democrats met behind closed doors and concocted an idea that they knew would surely propel the Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton into the White House. They used the Mainstream Media, financial support, and other methods to try to help Donald Trump to become the next Republican Presidential cantidate. They believed that if they could take out the establishment Republicans, and hand Donald Trump the Republican nomination, it would split the Republican party’s votes during the election. Also, being he tended to be a loose cannon who said whatever he was thinking, Democrats believed that they would have an easy target. In addition, Democrats had  been collecting stories on Trump that would be controversial in nature that they would release during the 2016 race between then candidates Trump and Clinton. Unfortunately for the Democrats, it did not work out quite as they planned.

As the 2016 election year progressed, the Democrats began colluding with the Mainstream Media to begin bringing down Donald Trumps election bid. The one thing that the Democrats didn’t plan on was the hardening of support for Trump and against not only the Democrats, but Establishment Republicans. Americans were tired of the rhetoric that the Establishment Parties had been throwing at each other for years. Anger and frustration built to a level that has not been seen before. Secondly, although Donald Trump was not an eloquent speaker, he spoke to the American people in a down to earth manner that gave many Americans a comforting feeling. He also said whatever was on his mind, which some within his group, feared would be his undoing. However, it resonated astoundingly well with the American voters. He came across as human, rather than an elitist politician who spoke directly to the American people. That was, and still continues to be the case. Meanwhile, the Mainstream Media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NYT, Washington Post) released, and continues to release inflammatory stories and articles about Trump’s hatred of jews, women, LGBT, muslims, etc. Virtually all these stories have no substantiating information to back up those claims, but they print them anyways, or they take factual stories and change them to print as fact; therefore, making it seem believable.

So why after all the bad press has President Trump come out nearly unscathed? There are several reasons for his success with the American people. First, Americans have begun to see the blatant bias coming from the Mainstream Media. They have become so supportive of the progressive-socialist Democratic agenda, that they have come out in the open and become obvious about it. Secondly, the President has been doing one thing that has made him very popular with Americans. He doesn’t tip toe around issues and says what he thinks. This is why so many Americans appreciate him using twitter. Also, he actually follows through on his promises that he campaigned on, despite the Democrats using every possible means to derail his authority. He defies Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and anybody who gets in the way of him accomplishing the agenda that he was elected to implement. Most Americans find it refreshing to have an anti-establishment President who does everything he can to implement what he promises on the campaign trail.

Following the 2017 election, Democrats stepped up their campaign against President Trump. It has now become known that officials within the Obama Administration set into motion a series of events that will likely make Watergate look like a girl scout bake sale. Apparently, during the Republican Presidential primary, Anti-Trump Republicans hired a former British spy to begin digging for information on Trump to try to derail his bid for the Republican nomination. However, as Trump began knocking out one after another Republican contender until he won the nomination, the investigation was called off. Then, when information about the investigation came to the attention of the Obama Administration, we have now learned that the Obama Administration had the former British spy continue digging for more information on Trump. The extent to their eavesdropping is unknown, but it appears to be substantial. In addition, documents recently released to the House Intelligence Committee show that Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice ordered the unmasking of American citizens names who were associated with the President-Elect Donald Trump. This has thrust the Obama Administration into the spotlight, because Susan Rice cannot get authorization for the unmasking of American’s names without clearance from higher up in the Administration. This means that it is likely that a sitting President Obama authorized the not only the unmasking of American Citizen’s names, but the spying on a duly elected President of the United States in an attempt to bring down his Presidency. If evidence continues on the path that it is on, it will likely be the largest political scandal in the history of the United States. Ironically, this information came out not by accident, but because the Obama Administration was trying to formulate a Trump/Russian collusion narrative that could bring down a sitting President of the United States. Once the Obama Administration had set up the release of unsubstantiated information on a supposed Trump/Russian collusion, they set up a scenario that would demand a full investigation and inquiry. Also, then President Obama set into place a new executive order that forced intelligence agencies to share information to a multitude of other agencies. This over sharing of intelligence allowed for Obama appointed moles to release that information to the Mainstream left-wing Media. One thing that the Obama Administration did not count on was for President Trump to accuse former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower on Twitter, for all the world to see. It was a genius move by President Trump, because it forced everyone’s hand to take a stance on the controversy. It caused the Republican’s to make their investigation more public and allowed for the American public to be updated regularly. It was then, that the President strategically made it quite apparent that Russia-gate was merely a smokescreen, and Obama-gate was possibly the biggest scandal in the history of the United States.

To make matters worse, the Mainstream Media refuses to report anything negative against the Democratic Party, and pushes the Russian narrative in order to bring down the Trump Administration. Additionally, the Mainstream Media accuses anyone who reports the facts as so-called “FAKE NEWS”.  They cover up real stories by changing the storyline and embellish it with anti-Trump rhetoric that is perpetuated by the Democratic Party. This will likely be a path that will not go well for the Democratic Party. With mid-term elections coming up in 2018, these clearly biased accusations and reporting have been, and will continue to erode support in their voting public. Especially since Democrats have the most vulnerable seats up for re-election next year.

President Trump is moving forward on his legislative agenda in order to fulfill his campaign promises that he was elected to implement. At the same time, the President is battling an internal Civil War with the government itself. He is fighting not only the Mainstream Media, but he is battling virtually every sector within the government itself. The progressive-socialist Democrats have been throwing every accusation at the President that can be imagined, but it does not stop there. He is fighting Obama Administration appointees that have been strategically placed within the NSA, CIA, FBI, Judicial system, Executive Offices, and Mainstream Media. President Trump is truly the enemy within a corrupt governmental system that has infiltrated virtually every aspect of our government, media, our educational system.  He is battling outside groups funded by the Pro-communist/pro one world government fanatic George Soros like Black Lives Matter,, and numerous other left-wing groups. He is battling the European Union who has become Pro-One World, and Socialist. He is single-handedly fighting a war that only Trump can fight and win. He is proving to be a man of his word, a Patriot who is intent on winning our war to protect not only our Constitution, but our way of life for generations to come.

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