By: Brian Evans

As the Democratic Party has shifted ideologies from liberal to progressive-socialist, they have solidified with few moderate factions within their party. It had become apparent of such a shift when Nancy Pelosi (CA-D) took leadership of the House, Harry Reid (NV-D) took leadership of the Senate, and Barack Obama (IL-D) took the Presidency. With a hard-line position taken on healthcare, the economy, environment, foreign and domestic policies, and social issues, the Democratic Party has drifted further from the Founding Fathers Constitutional principles that they laid out for future generations to follow.

The Democratic Party has utilized their solidarity to move forward their socialist based agenda. With the backing of major corporate leadership, the Democrats have taken over healthcare, which comprises the largest segment of our economy. Their ultimate goal is, and has been, to implement a single payer system that is free to all Americans. Unfortunately, that would leave most Americans with free medical care, but with no access to care. However, if they can get access, it would be substandard care.

The economy has been the mother of all lies put out by the Democratic Party. They claimed for years that Republicans have been in the pocket of big corporations; however, as the air has cleared and non-mainstream media sources have been able to dominate the internet, the reality of who the Corporate CEO’s support has not been on the side of the Republicans, but overwhelmingly the Democratic Party. Some of the CEO’s who invest millions of dollars into the Democratic Party and Agenda include:

· Miki Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Thinx

· Dan Akerson, Former Chairman and CEO of General Motors

· Richard Anderson, Executive Chairman, Delta Air Lines, Inc.

· Stewart Bainum Jr., Chairman of Choice Hotels International

· James Bell, Former Interim CEO of Boeing; Former Corporate President and CFO of Boeing

· Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce

· Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder and CTO of Airbnb

· Jeff Brotman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Costco Wholesale Corporation

· Warren E. Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

· Robert Burt, Retired Chairman, CEO FMC Corporation; Former Chairman Business Roundtable

· Ron Busby, President and CEO of the U.S. Black Chambers

· Brook Byers, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

· Peter Chernin, CEO, The Chernin Group

· Brian Chesky, Co-Founder and CEO of Airbnb

· Jim Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President, AT&T Services, Inc.

· David Crane, Former CEO of NRG Energy, Inc.

· Erroll Davis, Retired Chancellor, University System of Georgia

· Barry Diller, Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC and Expedia

· John Doerr, Partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers

· Margot Dorfman, President and CEO of U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

· Candy Ergen, Co-Founder, DISH Network

· Joe Gebbia, Co-Founder and CPO of Airbnb

· Reed Hastings, Founder and CEO of Netflix

· Reid Hoffman, Partner at Greylock

· Drew Houston, Founder and CEO of Dropbox

· George Hume, President and CEO of Basic American Foods

· Irwin Jacobs, Founding Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Qualcomm

· Paul Jacobs, Executive Chairman, Qualcomm

· Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Sama and Laxmi

· Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Chairman and CEO, Magic Johnson Enterprises

· Robert Johnson, Chairman, The RLJ Companies and Founder of Black Entertainment Television

· Andrea Jung, CEO of Grameen America, and Former CEO of Avon

· Lynn Jurich, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunrun

· David Karp, Founder and CEO of Tumblr

· Ellen Kullman, Former Chair and CEO of DuPont

· Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO of Black Entertainment Television

· Ted Leonsis, Founder and CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment

· Aaron Levie, Co-Founder and CEO of Box

· Peter Lowy, CEO of Westfield

· Monica Lozano, Former Chairman and CEO, U.S. Hispanic Media

· Rob Marcus, Former Chairman and CEO Time Warner Cable Inc.

· William L. McComb, CEO (retired) of Liz Claiborne & Fifth and Pacific Companies, Inc.

· Rebecca Minkoff, Founder of Rebecca Minkoff

· Hamid R. Moghadam, Chairman and CEO of Prologis

· James J. Murren, Chairman and CEO, MGM Resorts International and Chairman, MGM Growth Properties

· Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor

· Mark Pincus, Co-Founder of Zynga

· Laura M. Ricketts, Co-Owner, Chicago Cubs

· Gary Rodkin, CEO (retired) of ConAgra Foods

· Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

· Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet

· Jim Sinegal, Co-Founder, Director and former CEO of Costco

· Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO and Co-Founder, Yelp

· Walter Ulloa, Chairman and CEO, Entravision Communications Corporation

· Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Corning Incorporated

This does not even include the fact that the Democratic Party sold their soul to the racist, pro one-world government, evil elitist named George Soros.

Then there is the environment, which the radical left has used to proclaim that Republicans are evil and hate our planet. Interestingly enough, it is quite the opposite in the real world. Once upon a time, the Democrat Party proclaimed that the earth was slowly warming and that we were experiencing “global warming”. They said that pollution was causing “global warming.” This narrative went on for years as they attacked Republicans and said that they were in bed with oil companies, and cared more for (here it is again…) BIG CORPORATIONS. As the years went by, the followers of the global warming fanatics increased, according to the mainstream media. Then, a funny thing happened. Democrats re-coined the name “global warming” and began calling it “climate change.” As many people did, I wondered what would cause them to change the name from “global warming” to “climate change”. Then I realized, the reclassification was implemented for their own survival on the issue. Research was coming in that showed that the earth was no longer warming, but instead it was cooling. The warming and cooling cycles involve a normal pattern that the earth has endured since its inception. Democrats were scrambling to justify such a change, and movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” began showing how the warming of the earth can cause a sudden drop in temperatures resulting in an ice age. To make matters worse, Democrats have been siphoning money from programs that protect our water,  air, and other environmental pollution using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and place it into their so-called “combating climate change.”
initiative.” As a result, the United States has had filthier water, more polluted air, and all in the name of “combating climate change initiative.” Additionally, they use the idea of “climate change” as a money-maker for their party, and as a method to demonize Conservatives who oppose “climate change”, but are true environmentalists.

Another issue that has perplexed me over the years was how the Democratic Party repeatedly attacked and watered down the Constitution of the United States. They have placed Judges who legislate from the bench rather than basing their decisions on Constitution. They have continually stated that the Constitution is a living document that should be interpreted by a Judge based on their ideological perspective. Unfortunately, it is not because they want to follow or look at the document as necessary, but rather because they find it as a hinderance or roadblock to their progressive-socialist goals. In addition, the Constitution doesn’t allow for interpretation that we can be ruled by an outside body like the United Nations, or a “One-World Government” that they hope to achieve one day. No, the Constitution is a thorn in the side of the radical leftist agenda. The Constitution is a document that they have been watering down for years until they will ultimately achieve their desired goal of a socialist one-world government that has the Political-Elitists at the top and the peons at the bottom. Yes, they hope to dilute the Constitution until its meaning is worthless, and they can fully institute their new socialist government.

Finally, the Democrats have taken some interesting sides on social issues. Despite the fact that Democrats have suppressed the blacks in the United States, created ghetto’s to trap black Americans, and supported Planned Parenthood that was formed originally for the purpose of extermination of the poor and minorities, they have been able to brand themselves the Party of the poor and minorities. How can they do such a feat? The fact that they control the content of the Mainstream Media (MSM), which I challenge you to listen to what some of these so-called media outlets say. They repeat the same talking points that the Democrats tout daily. The Democrats and the media colluded with the enemy and point the finger across the aisle. They discriminate against African-Americans and call anyone who questions it racist. They create Planned Parenthood to exterminate African-Americans, name it a woman’s right to choose, and call anyone who opposes them anti-feminist. They create social welfare, push it down the throats of Americans to create dependency, and call anyone who opposses them anti-poor. They destroy our healthcare system knowing it will implode, call healthcare a right, give Americans a card that is worthless (if you try to use it), and call anyone who opposses them insensitive to the plight of the poor. Democrats create “global warming” or “climate change” and meanwhile allow for our environment to be destroyed. Then, they call anyone who questions them anti-environment. There is a common thread that you can follow. Democrats will use any means necessary to destroy America as it once was, and then create the storyline using the media to make Americans feel like Democrats are there to help them while the Republicans and especially the Conservatives are the enemy.

So does this make the Republican Party the Party of our Founding Fathers? I wouldn’t go that far. The Republicans have become a Party of factions. One faction within the Republican party would be the so-called “Tea-Party” Republicans. This would include the “Freedom Caucus” Republicans. They are the conservative wing of the Party. Then you have those in the moderate wing of the Party. They can swing any different direction depending on the tide of public opinion. Many of these politicians in the Republican Party seem to be more swept up in keeping their job in Washington rather than representing the will of the people. Finally, you have the “liberal lite” Republicans in the Party. Republicans like Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), Senator John McCain (R-AZ), former President George W Bush, and even House Majority Leader Paul Ryan. It is a rift that has grown wider in the Republican Party. Unfortunately, there are fewer conservatives in the Republican Party than ever before in history. This is why it is such a difficult prospect for President Trump to get any legislative accomplishments done. To make matters more difficult for him, the Democratic Party has been solidly against him on every Executive Order, Judicial appointments, and his legislative agenda in Congress. With all Democrats against him, the President must have unwavering support of almost the entire Republican Party on everything he tries to get done. That is something that is next to impossible with such an ideologically fractured Republican Party. But if there is one thing I have come to realize, President Donald J. Trump isn’t your ordinary President. He can pull a rabbit out of the hat, get people to do what others could not, and in the end he may be able to do something for America that possibly nobody else could do. He just might be able to turn our country around and bring us back to our Constitutional roots that our Founding Fathers established.

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