March 31, 2017     Brian Evans

Democratic power has swollen to massive proportions under past Democratic Presidents, and liberal Republican establishment elites. Big government has become bloated and infiltrated with liberal and progressive socialists that aim to derail any administration that puts a thorn in their plans or slows their big government socialist agenda. That thorn goes by the name of President Donald Trump. He was the one scenario that they hadn’t planned for; however, they are using every weapon in their arsenal to prevent him from fulfilling the promises that he was elected to implement.

They will utilize various methods to undermine President Trumps agenda, and it started before he was even elected into office. First, you create a narrative that helps to bring into question the President’s intentions. They did this with the Russia narrative, and utilized their far-reaching carefully placed operatives in the mainstream media. They have control of the talking points for CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times, Washington Post, hollywood stars, and online liberal media outlets. Now that they have control of the media, they can carefully craft each story to smear the President, and bring doubt to the mind of the American voters.

Following up with the media smears and carefully crafted news stories to paint the President in a dark and corrupt light the liberals move on their next phase against their enemy. They file lawsuits against each of his actions in a carefully crafted manner. They look at where they can file a lawsuit  that will get the results that they want. They file in cities that they know will be heard by liberal activist judges, and that any appeal will go to appellate courts that will have those decisions upheld. This is why we see most of the lawsuits against Trump’s agenda filed in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington. Those have predominantly liberal activist judges, and the appeals go to the ninth circuit court in California. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has  a long history of liberal activist judges that side with liberal cases that would fail in most courts because it would violate the Constitution of the United States.

Finally, the case could be appealed again and end up at the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has four liberal activist judges, two moderate judges, and two conservative judges. This is the reason that the Democratic party is so driven to filibuster and stop Neil Gorsuch. He is a strict constitutional judge that does not go with activism, but implements the law based on the constitution. Until he is confirmed by the Senate, the Democratic party will fight to block, stop, or stall everything President Trump does to make our country safer, stronger, and bring us back from the brink of socialism. They have control of information, education, and many corporations throughout the United States. They have unlimited funds from donors like George Soros whose goal is to create a one world socialist government with the elitists at the top, and everyone else underneath. This cannot happen for the sake of our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come. We owe it to them to fight this twisted and greed stricken elitist system that many on the left want to implement.

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